MJW, founded by Micah Williams, is a streetwear brand born out of a unique journey and a passion for athletics. The concept of creating a streetwear company wasn't always in the forefront, but it took root and flourished during Micah's time at the University of Oregon.

As an athlete, specializing in track and field, Micah's life was filled with challenges, perseverance, and hard work. His pursuit of excellence in the world of sports led him to a remarkable realization – the power of influence and the importance of giving athletes a voice. It was on this collision course with destiny that MJW was conceived.

MJW isn't just about clothing; it's about making a statement. It's about uplifting athletes and their communities simultaneously. Through our unique streetwear, we aim to inspire, empower, and spread a positive message. We believe that the athlete's journey is not just about competition but also about unity, strength, and the unwavering spirit to overcome.

At MJW, we are dedicated to creating streetwear that speaks to the hearts of athletes and anyone who shares our values. Join us in this journey to celebrate the athlete, support the community, and wear your inspiration proudly.

We invite you to explore our collection, discover the stories we tell through our designs, and be a part of the MJW community. Together, we can make a difference both on and off the field.