Why Did You Start the MJAYDUB Apparel Line?

Why Did You Start the MJAYDUB Apparel Line?

Micah, why did you start MJAYDUB Apparel

“I started my apparel line last year in the year 2021 just so fans could wear my stuff. I had a rude awakening that people do not want to wear big uniforms of your logo. I soon learned from my mistakes. I then evolved by meeting graphic designers that could create graphics that pop out and are different. I created and rebranded to make 2 sides of the brand that consist of sports style and lifestyle. This brand will be successful, and I just have to keep believing in it,” said Micah Williams.

What are your Goals for MJAYDUB, LLC?

“I have a lot planned for the MJAYDUB LLC, but I just want to start clothing because that is my passion now. To name a few, I want to start my own track team in Oregon. This would consist of some of the best athletes around of the world. The next step would open a foundation that would teach people of color about their culture and jobs that do not have a lot of people of color. The third step is that I would want to open camps that kids could come to in the summer to not only learn about the track but about branding, marketing, entrepreneurship, and more.  The last step is to keep evolving, the world changes all the time and I want to continue to stay up with the best.” Williams.

MJAYDUB apparel by Micah Williams

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